Choosing Auto Insurance

Choosing Auto Insurance

Non-Standard Auto Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

by Gene Jones

It is illegal to drive without some form of automobile insurance in most states throughout America. However, what do you do if you are deemed a higher risk by your automobile insurance provider and they are no longer willing to provide you with coverage? For many, obtaining non-standard automobile insurance is their only option.

Here are the answers to many frequently asked questions you might have about non-standard automobile insurance. 

What Exactly Is Non-Standard Automotive Insurance?

Drivers who are considered low-risk can easily obtain standard auto insurance from most major providers. However, if you are considered higher-risk, and several people do fall into this category, your only option might be non-standard auto insurance. Non-standard auto insurance provides the same coverage that you would receive from standard auto insurance but with one major difference: the premiums are typically much higher.

Additionally, many of the biggest insurance providers will not offer non-standard policies. Because of this, a person who is deemed a high-risk driver might have to look around for not only the best price but also an insurance company that is willing to provide them with coverage.

What Drivers Might Need to Obtain Non-Standard Automobile Insurance?

As stated above, several people fall into the "high-risk" category and will often need to obtain non-standard automotive insurance. For example, if you are a new driver without a parent or guardian who can add you to their automotive policy might need to obtain non-standard insurance. Older drivers might also fall under this category and drivers with poor credit history might also be classified as high risk.

However, typically, most people who require non-standard auto insurance have several parking tickets, have accidents, do not have an established driving history, or have been arrested for a DUI, or driving under the influence.

Are There Any Ways to Save on Non-Standard Automobile Insurance?

There are several ways a driver can still save money on their auto insurance, even if they are high-risk and must obtain a non-standard policy. For instance, one of the most effective strategies is to shop around for the best price. Ask if there are any discounts available to you, such as discounts for raising your deductible or for bundling your auto insurance with your homeowner's insurance policy.

Often, if you pay for several months of your coverage at once, rather than paying your premium each month, you can receive a discount on your insurance.

Non-standard insurance is often required for drivers who are deemed high-risk. If you have any other questions about automobile insurance, contact an insurance agent. 


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