Choosing Auto Insurance

Choosing Auto Insurance

Miscellaneous Coverage To Add To Your Vehicle's Auto Insurance Plan

by Gene Jones

When you take out coverage on your vehicle, you make sure that it pays for accidents for which you are responsible. If you buy full coverage, you also ensure that the policy pays for your own accident-related costs, particularly if the other involved driver does not have sufficient coverage of his or her own.

However, you can also add on miscellaneous services that can make your coverage more serviceable. You can protect yourself better as a driver by including extra coverage on your auto insurance plan.

Roadside Assistance

You can make your auto insurance plan worth your investment when you add roadside assistance to it. Roadside assistance is typically available as a miscellaneous service to people who already have full coverage policies. However, it also may be available as an extra service when you take out liability-only coverage.

Having roadside assistance on your policy can be particularly beneficial during wintertime driving. If you get stuck in a ditch or cannot start your car because of the cold weather, you can call the insurer for a jump or tow. You avoid having to pay for these services out of your own pocket.

Rental Reimbursement

Another service that you can add to your auto insurance plan is rental reimbursement. If your car is damaged in a wreck or not serviceable to drive because of a mechanical malfunction, you may need to rent a car for a few days. When you have this extra coverage on your auto insurance plan, you can receive partial or total reimbursement for the money that you pay for your rental. You avoid straining your driving budget during a time when you need to put as much money as possible toward your car repairs.

Finally, when you want to make your auto insurance plan work as well as possible for you, you can add medical reimbursement to it. Your basic plan may already come with coverage that pays for the medical expenses of victims in accidents that you cause. However, you can also add extra coverage to the plan to pay for your own medical expenses if or when you are in a wreck. 

You can add a variety of services to your auto insurance plan to make it worth your investment. You can opt for roadside assistance for jumps and tows. You can also get rental reimbursement and medical coverage. 

Talk to an insurance agent to learn more about potential auto insurance plans.


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