Choosing Auto Insurance

Choosing Auto Insurance

5 Great Add-Ons To Your Auto Insurance Policy

by Gene Jones

When you get your auto insurance coverage, you want to make sure your policy doesn't just cover the basics as required by your state but also provides you with the extra coverage you may need. Here are five great add-ons you should talk to your insurance company about.

Roadside Assistance

One of the top auto insurance add-ons you should consider is roadside assistance. With roadside assistance, if you get a flat tire or your battery dies or you need a tow for some reason, you can just call your insurance company, and they will arrange for a roadside assistance vehicle to meet you and help you out. Most roadside assistance plans only add a few dollars per month to your premium, while providing you with a service that is much more valuable than a few dollars should you need to use it.

Gap Insurance

If you are still paying a car loan, you should have gap insurance. With gap insurance, if your car is in an accident and it is totaled, instead of paying the current value of the vehicle, your insurance will make sure that your car loan is paid off. Gap insurance fills the "gap" between the current value of your car and what you owe on your car should it be totaled in an accident. Once you pay off your car loan, you should drop this coverage.

Uninsured Driver Coverage

If you get into an accident with someone who doesn't have insurance or who is carrying below the state minimum in required insurance, uninsured driver's coverage will kick in and ensure that all medical and car-related bills for you are taken care of. If you live in a city or area with a high percentage of uninsured drivers, this is an affordable add-on you should consider.

Rental Car Coverage

With rental car coverage, if your vehicle is in an accident, and you are out a vehicle while it is getting repaired or you are shopping for a replacement, with rental car coverage, your insurance company will pay the cost of your rental car. Renting a car for a few weeks can easily eat up a thousand dollars, making the few dollars per month this type of coverage costs totally worth it.

Vanishing Deductible

Not all insurance companies offer this option, but some do. With a vanishing deductible, the longer you don't make a claim, the smaller your deductible will get, without increasing the cost of your premium. Eventually, if you go enough years without any claims, your deductible will go down to zero.

Reach out to an auto insurance professional to discuss this and more.


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