Choosing Auto Insurance

Choosing Auto Insurance

3 Simplest Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance

by Gene Jones

Car insurance is necessary for all drivers. For some, it can be another expense that is draining a limited budget. For most drivers, paying the least amount for car insurance and still getting good coverage is what is ideal. If you haven't evaluated your policy or checked out all of your options, you could be paying way to much per year on car insurance. While there are several ways to reduce the cost of your monthly premium, there are three quick ways that are the simplest options to start with.

1. Compare and Negotiate

The Internet has made insurance rates very competitive, and it's easier than ever to learn about what's in your policy and how it compares to other policies being offered. When your policy is set for renewal, it's important to get several quotes and find out what each insurance company would charge you. Beware that a reduced monthly premium quote could mean reduced coverage, so you don't always want to go with the cheapest option. You'll want to find out which policy gives you the coverage you need to feel good about your coverage. Your current insurance company may negotiate your rate if you can find a better deal for the same coverage.

2. Demonstrate Responsibility

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate you are a responsible driver is to get older. Insurance companies often will automatically drop insurance premiums on drivers who turn 25, for example. In some cases, however, you may have to request that the rate be reduced once you meet an age requirement. Other ways to demonstrate you are responsible is to drive for a while without getting a ticket or getting in a car wreck. In some cases, if you have had your insurance go up due to a ticket, you may have to send your insurance your driving record to demonstrate that any points against you have been removed due to three years of no incidents. 

3. Change Your Vehicle

It is a fact that some vehicles are more money to insure. A sports car can provide certain risks from an insurance standpoint, and so they charge more for a premium on a fast car. If you have a car that has a higher premium, you can easily get your rates reduced by changing the vehicle you have insured. In some cases, the savings can be significant. Talk to an agent about which vehicles are the lowest to insure if you want to maximize your savings.

A lot of people miss out on saving with insurance because they don't know about what will save them money. Contact and compare auto insurance companies to learn more. 


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Choosing Auto Insurance

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